------Eyeless's Chat with Brittani Ayers----
Session Start (MSN - ɥꧧ): Wed Dec 31 16:22:04 2003
ɥꧧ says: ssssssnerrrrrrrrrrrr
Brittani says: ?*?*?*
ɥꧧ says: gnrrrrrarrrrrrrr..... snnnnnurrrrrrrrrrubble
Brittani says: Ummm...GRR>>>
ɥꧧ says: jurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgnack
ɥꧧ says: snerrrrrrrrrrwup.......wup.....wup.........snurrrrrr....
Brittani says: yeah ok....no you don't sound like a phyco....rapist.....cereal killer....
ɥꧧ says: serial killer*
ɥꧧ says: cereal = yummmmmmmm breakfast
ɥꧧ says: snurrrrrrrrrubub
Brittani says: ok..i think i will go back to coloring my hair with pink marker
ɥꧧ says: bad idea.
ɥꧧ says: runs when it gets wet
ɥꧧ says: use white-out/liquid-paper/liquid-eraser/whatever you want to call it
ɥꧧ says: white pride elf hair = teh sexy
ɥꧧ says: or go to some officey place right, and buy lots of permanent marker
refills, and just was your hair with black permanent marker
ɥꧧ says: black hair = sexiest of all
Brittani says: I don't like talking to ppl i don't know....
ɥꧧ says: you may not know me..... but i know you......
Brittani says: it's creppy how do i know your not a phyco rapist killer
Brittani says: How do you know me?
ɥꧧ says: hmmmm
ɥꧧ says: brittani ayers....
Brittani says: WHAT THE FUCK??
Brittani says: WHo is THIS?
Brittani says: How do you know my name?
ɥꧧ says: i know all about you.......
Brittani says: ur scaring me. i got to go.
ɥꧧ says: awwww
ɥꧧ says: dont go....
Brittani says: how do you know who i am.....stop fucking with me...?
Brittani says: !!!!
Brittani says: why not....who are you....reveal yourself
ɥꧧ says: reveal myself....?
ɥꧧ says: that's being a little bit forward dont you think
Brittani says: fuck it... bye
ɥꧧ says: oh dont go
ɥꧧ says: i was starting to feel even closer to you....
Brittani says: yeah i am because this isn't funny
Brittani says: I think you need help
ɥꧧ says: help me brittani....
Brittani says: how....
Brittani says: damnit anwser me
ɥꧧ says: it's a very complicated answer....
ɥꧧ says: i.... found you
Brittani says: no it's not...no you didn't
ɥꧧ says: you didnt want me to, but i found you. you were hiding.
((ɥꧧ to : i just set her face to my display picture))
Brittani says: I HATE PPL LIKE YOU
Brittani says: I hate everyone....this world is sick so i think i die
ɥꧧ says: ive devoted so much to finding you..i cant stop when im so close.
ɥꧧ says: so close to you...
Brittani says: fuck you bitch ....i hate perverts like you....
ɥꧧ says: Brittani dont be so harsh
ɥꧧ says: you'll learn who i am, before the end.
Brittani says: Stop sayin my name ....you fuckin know nuthing of me...or my true self...no one does
ɥꧧ says: your true self?
Brittani says: No i won't because i am about to delete you
ɥꧧ says: i know you... i am a PART of you....
Brittani says: No your not....i have no parts...
ɥꧧ says: i know you and every intimate detail of your life
Brittani says: They have died
ɥꧧ says: not yet, but they will....
Brittani says: your probaly so 50 yr old phyco
ɥꧧ says: psycho* :)
Brittani says: get away from me
ɥꧧ says: i'll never be far from you.
ɥꧧ says: i need to leave now, young Ms Ayers but dont worry, i'll be watching you
ɥꧧ says: there are only two
thats a 50/50 chance
of me finding you
((its a haiku))


Brittani: You need some help....
Unseen-Casualty: no
Unseen-Casualty: i think you need help :)
Unseen-Casualty: im changing the address to Brittani.com
Brittani: Take it down....Or ELSE>>>
Unseen-Casualty: already reserved the server
Unseen-Casualty: k thx ;)
Brittani: STOP
Unseen-Casualty: ;)
Unseen-Casualty: merry christmas
Brittani: What exactly did i do to you...Huh>? DAMN tell me what i did to deserve hate
from the o great one
Unseen-Casualty: hmm
Unseen-Casualty: everything what didnt you do to me that wasnt meant to hurt me, when
you screwed me over 2 times? oh that was just fucking peachy
Brittani: i'll kill you
Unseen-Casualty: please do
Brittani: o god you've gone to far
Unseen-Casualty: oh god oh god im scared
Unseen-Casualty: noooooooooooooooooooo
Unseen-Casualty: ive goonnne tooooooooooooooo far
Brittani: your fucked already.....it's over with and you don't even believe me...lol
Unseen-Casualty: lmao i know its over with me (im glad) i dont plan on getting aids,
nor having children before i exit highschool that arent really mine, and im
definatly glad its over, because you smell like jewish fish. kosher fish. die plz.

God What A Fucktard. You Know Brittani, Sometimes I Can Hardly Believe How Much Better I Am Than You.