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SLUTTTTTTTTTT Omg, I Feel Sorry For Eye. He Thinks Shes "Cute". Thats Impossible. Look At The Bitch. Her Forhead Sticks Out 4".She Has No Tits, And Lives In A Trailer Park. She Caused Her Parents To Get A Divorce. Her Mom Lives On 505 Chism St Devers, TX 77538 (936) 549-7100, Shes There Sometimes. It Dosent Get Much Worse Than That? Oh, BUT IT DOES! 281-427-8653... Her and Her Mom's Cell Phone.. 281-422-8518... Becky (Her Cousin's) Line at Baytown, Texas. She Likes To Visit Her Cousin Alot... 713-806-8501 is Beckys Cell.. and 936-336-7765.... Brittanis Dads where she is currently living, Liberty TX, in the Park Place Apartments. (Apartment 2347 B) Shes Stuck Up, Trailer Trash. Shes a lying cheating whore with no care for anyone including herself and if she ever cares, its not for long, and its for whatever guy is using and abusing her at the time. If You Want Some Fun, Shes Usually on MSN.
But You Have To Admit This Is Pretty Funny.

Heres The Chat Dialogue That Sealed The Deal
Eyeless how do you read my mind, i didnt even have to get you to do
it. how you found out the personal information ill never know ;) cuz i sure as hell
didnt tell you it. :P